Starlink Launches Referral Program in Australia and New Zealand

SpaceX has introduced a Starlink referral program exclusively for customers in Australia and New Zealand. This program allows both new and existing users to earn service credits, applicable to Residential and Roam subscriptions.

For new users, utilizing a referral link is straightforward. Upon visiting the Starlink website through a referral link, a banner confirms the activation of the referral. This program, however, does not extend to premium services like residential-priority.

When ordering Residential or Roam services, users will see a notification indicating the application of the referral. The service credit is applied 30 days after activation and automatically deducted from the next invoice. New users will also receive an email invitation to join the referral program, including a unique link to share.

Existing Starlink customers can refer friends and family using a unique referral link provided via email. Once the referred individual activates their account and remains a customer for at least one month, the referrer receives service credit. This credit is applied 30 days after the new account’s activation and is used to reduce the total of the next invoice. Customers can track their referral credits through their Starlink account.

The referral program is subject to specific terms and conditions. To qualify for a reward, the referred customer must be new to Starlink, use the unique referral link for purchase, and maintain their subscription for a minimum of one month.

The program excludes customers in ‘Waitlisted’ areas as per Starlink’s Availability Map. Starlink reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at its discretion and emphasizes that participants should not misrepresent themselves as Starlink employees or agents, according to the fine print.

This initiative by Starlink aims to expand its user base in Australia and New Zealand, offering incentives for both new and existing customers through a community-driven approach. It’ll be interesting to see an expansion of the Starlink referral program to other nations such as the U.S. and Canada.

[via @TeslaGong]