Tesla Cybertruck: Glossy vs Matte Paint Protection Film

cybertruck gloss vs matte

Detailers at Fremont, California-based OCDetailing took a look at the impact of glossy and matte paint protection films (PPF) on Tesla’s Cybertruck, shedding light on how these finishes can transform the vehicle’s stainless steel exterior.

The primary purpose of applying PPF on the Cybertruck is not for paint protection, as is typical with other vehicles, but to enhance its aesthetic appeal. There is no paint on the Cybertruck!

“You’re going to do it to make [your Cybertruck] look more unique,” the presenter from OCDetailing explained, anticipating a future where Cybertrucks are commonplace on the roads.

The glossy film significantly increases the vehicle’s shine, making it highly reflective. “The glossy actually made it much shinier… it’s reflecting much more,” said OCDetailing. This increased reflectivity could be a concern in terms of visibility for other drivers.

Meanwhile, the matte film offers a stark contrast, providing a non-reflective, subdued finish. “It almost looks… like matte stainless with the matte film on there, which is awesome.” This finish gives the Cybertruck a more understated and unique appearance. We would go with a matte finish on Cybertruck for sure.

OCDetailing expressed a personal preference for the matte finish, predicting it to be a popular choice among Cybertruck owners. They suggested maintaining the original color but with a matte finish, adding, “Maybe put some cool accents on it. My pick is matte.”

Check out the video below and tell us what finish of PPF you’d like to put on Cybertruck:

YouTube video