Drag Race: Tesla Cybertruck on Dirt vs Ford Raptor R on Asphalt

cybertruck dirt raptor r

Tesla’s Cybertruck has demonstrated its superior performance in an off-road race, outpacing the Ford F-150 Raptor R that was on asphalt. The event, covered by carwow’s Mat Watson on YouTube, showcased the electric vehicle’s capabilities on a dirt track that was outside of Tesla’s factory in Austin.

The race, conducted at Tesla’s Giga Factory in Austin, Texas, involved a drag race over a standing quarter mile. The Cybertruck, equipped with a tri-motor ‘Cyber Beast’ setup, boasts 845 horsepower and 930 Nm of torque. Despite its weight of 3,084 kg and a starting price of $96,000, the Cybertruck impressively completed the standing quarter mile in 11.2 seconds, while the Ford took 12.4 seconds.

The event also included a rolling race from 20 mph and a brake test from 70 mph, with the Cybertruck showcasing its acceleration and braking prowess. In a final challenge, the vehicles raced over a 100-meter dirt track, where the Tesla again emerged victorious, crossing the line in 5.1 seconds compared to the Ford’s 5.4 seconds.

This victory highlights the Cybertruck’s potential in off-road conditions, challenging traditional perceptions of electric vehicles’ capabilities in such environments. Check out the full video below:

YouTube video

Previously, carwow showed Cybertruck destroying a Lamborghini Urus while drag racing outside Giga Texas as well. The performance of a Cybertruck with a tri-moto set up is nothing short of impressive.