Tesla Unveils “Pathfinder” and “Opportunity” Drones at Giga Berlin

Tesla drone pathfinder

Today, Tesla announced the deployment of two fully autonomous drones, aptly named “Pathfinder” and “Opportunity,” at their Giga Berlin factory in Germany. These drones are tasked with automating the process of counting pallets, a crucial aspect of inventory management and logistics.

Capable of counting up to an astounding 12,000 pallets per day each, Pathfinder and Opportunity significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy at the sprawling German facility. This innovative solution replaces the previously manual process, freeing up valuable human resources for other tasks while simultaneously reducing the risk of errors.

Tesla drone opportunity

These drones look to hover and fly down aisles, while connected to a base unit that follows along.

The implementation of these autonomous drones marks another milestone in Tesla’s ongoing commitment to automation and technological advancement within its production facilities. With their exceptional speed and precision, Pathfinder and Opportunity promise to contribute significantly to optimizing operations and boosting productivity at Giga Berlin, which spans 740 acres is home to building the Model Y.