Tesla Explains Cybertruck Details with Interactive Video

cybertruck interactive page

Tesla has debuted a new interactive video website detailing the new Cybertruck.

“This interactive video will explain Cybertruck features and provide information about accessing and driving your Cybertruck. After the video, complete a survey to download an additional resource to review additional topics not covered in the video. For information about Cybertruck charging options, watch our interactive Get to Know Tesla Charging video,” explains the company.

We also get a closer look at the charge port on Cybertruck. There’s a cool Cybertruck logo instead of the Tesla logo. Heck, Cybertruck has zero Tesla logos:

cybertruck charge port

We also see videos on ride height, doors, regenerative braking, door exit button, steering wheel, touchscreen, wireless phone chargers, overhead console, USB ports and power outlets, rear touchscreen, second row storage, tonneau cover, rear exterior lights, bed outlets, cargo bed, wiper blade, front exterior lights, front trunk, and front-facing camera.

The official Cybertruck manual has not been released yet. This is a great interactive video that lets people know just how Cybertruck works.