Tesla Cybertruck Police Kit from Unplugged Performance Coming

Up cybertruck police car

Unplugged Performance has announced the debut of its UP.FIT Tesla Cybertruck Police kit coming in 2024. This launch is part of the company’s broader UP INVINCIBLE Cybertruck program, which also includes preparations for first responder use cases.

The company, known for its 10 years of expertise in Tesla modifications, offers a one-stop solution for hardware and software upgrades tailored to Teslas. These upgrades encompass a wide range of needs, including electrical systems, safety features, lighting, charging options, and advanced technology.

Unplugged Performance has hinted at the possibility of secondary armor for the Cybertruck Police, stating that more details on this are in the works. This development is part of their commitment to engineering products and services specifically for Teslas and public safety requirements. We know the exoskeleton of the Cybertruck can stop a Tommy Gun, 9mm Glock and more, but there are limits.

The UP.FIT Cybertruck Police vehicles are designed to endure the harshest testing conditions, including extreme temperatures and high elevations. This rigorous testing ensures that the vehicles are reliable and robust for law enforcement and emergency response applications.

In addition to vehicle modifications, Unplugged Performance provides comprehensive fleet management tools. These tools include GPS tracking, fleet operations guidance, strategic maintenance planning, and training programs for users and drivers. This suite of services is aimed at facilitating a seamless adoption and rollout of electric vehicle fleets for government and business clients.

Unplugged Performance’s focus on Tesla vehicles and public safety, combined with their extensive experience in government and business-to-business sectors, positions them as a leading provider in the EV fleet market. The upcoming launch of the UP.FIT Cybertruck Police is a significant step in the evolution of electric vehicles in law enforcement and emergency services.