Cybertruck Review by MKBHD: What Tesla Didn’t Tell You

mkbhd cybertruck review

Tesla’s long-awaited Cybertruck was announced yesterday and now Marques Brownlee, or MKBHD, has released his initial review of the truck.

The prototype, while not yet a delivery model, closely represents what customers can expect in their trucks. Here are some little nuances about Cybertruck that Tesla didn’t tell us about at its presentation event:

  • Sub-trunk has a drain plug (tailgate cooler)
  • Bottle opener
  • Wheel covers are 2-pieces
  • The tonneau cover can support up to 300 lbs on top
  • One-tap auto open/close; tap to stop cover; when closed it blocks the rear window
  • Blind spot monitoring LEDs inside
  • Magnetic sunshade
  • Gear controls in center
  • No rear review mirror
  • 123 kWh battery
  • Door handle button; Tesla says doors can open up to an inch of ice-blocking
  • Frunk fits two carry ons
  • Touch-sensitive interior cabin light buttons
  • Touch-sensitive hazard lights button
  • Steering wheel horn actual push
  • Steering wheel has physical buttons
  • Back seats fold up for more storage
  • Rear doors open 90-degrees
  • User interface on screen allows you to rotate car and adjust in real-time
  • Air suspension: 12 inches of suspension travel from low to high; 17 inches of clearance in off-mode; extract mode adds another 80mm of clearance
  • Glove box is a drawer
  • Total turn is less than 180 degrees thanks to steer-by-wire

MKBHD says the world’s largest windshield wiper is “hilarious” and “ridiculous”. It doesn’t quite cover the entire windshield but wipes about 75% of the windshield. The truck is now using an 800 volt architecture, now using less wire weight. There’s a 48 volt low voltage system.

As for driving, he says there’s some more tread noise in the cabin from the tires. He says the steering wheel is “remarkably responsive” for a big truck. He did not like the lack of front visibility as he could not see the hood of the car due to the design. “I think they really got themselves something solid here…I’m impressed with this,” said Brownlee.

Check out the full video below at 40 minutes:

YouTube video