Tesla Cybertruck Countdown Timer Starts, New Orders Paused

tesla cybertruck down

Tesla’s Cybertruck delivery event is set for Thursday at Giga Texas and ahead of the highly-anticipated reveal, the company has implemented a new countdown timer on its website.

Those visiting tesla.com/cybertruck will now see a Cybertruck logo plus a countdown to the event that will reveal all the details of Cybertruck. The website also no longers allow for new reservations to take place. This reminds us of the Apple online store going down ahead of major product announcements.

Earlier today, MKBHD shared a teaser image of himself sitting inside the Cybertruck, noting a full video was coming with all the details. Get ready for an exciting Cybertruck event on Thursday, set to be live-streamed on X at 2pm CT (12pm PT; 3pm ET).