Tesla 2023.44.1 Update: Front Camera Washer and More

Tesla is set to introduce a range of new features and improvements in its 2023.44.1 software update that’s rolling out, as discovered by Tesla hacker @greenthonly on November 25. The update includes several notable enhancements aimed at improving user experience and vehicle functionality.

One of the key updates is the addition of a washer for the front camera, complete with an activation button. This feature is expected to enhance the camera’s visibility and functionality, especially in adverse weather conditions. This appears to be for the Tesla Cybertruck as it has a new front-facing camera in its bumper.

The media playback system in Tesla vehicles is also getting an upgrade with the introduction of a new JavaScript player, known as the Shaka Player. This update is anticipated to enhance the overall media streaming experience in Tesla cars.

Additionally, the update brings new playback speeds for media, including 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x options, which could be particularly useful for platforms like Apple Podcasts, now confirmed to be included in the update.

In terms of safety features, the update introduces a new IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) mode for seatbelt reminders. This mode will make the reminders more frequent and higher-pitched, potentially increasing safety compliance among drivers and passengers. The sounds for the normal reminder and the new IIHS-style reminder have been shared online for preview.

A significant innovation in the update is the potential use of the cabin camera to enable or disable High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane usage. This feature, however, would require additional permission for the cabin camera and Tesla’s activation of the feature in the car.

The update also includes a new navigation mode called MPP (Most Probable Path), which is expected to enhance route planning and guidance.

Regarding battery technology, the update reveals that Tesla is expanding its battery options. In addition to the currently used CATL lithium-ion battery, a new Tesla 16V option is being added. Furthermore, a 48V option is now visible in the update, hinting at future developments, potentially starting with the Cybertruck.

These updates reflect Tesla’s ongoing commitment to enhancing vehicle technology and user experience, maintaining its position at the forefront of automotive innovation.