Tesla Debuts ‘Single Pull Autosteer’ Feature for Cars with Stalks

Autosteer activation

Tesla has introduced a new ‘Single Pull Autosteer’ feature, adding to its suite of Autopilot functionalities.

The feature, accessible via the Autopilot menu, offers drivers the choice between ‘Single Pull’ and ‘Double Pull’ options for Autosteer activation. With the Single Pull option, Autosteer engages with one pull of the gear stalk during manual driving, reverting to manual control upon pushing the stalk up.

The Double Pull option activates Traffic-Aware Cruise Control with one pull and Autosteer with two pulls, which is traditionally how it is enabled. Deactivating either feature requires a single upward push of the gear stalk.

Tesla owners with Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 11.4.8 and 2023.38.8 are seeing this new feature.

The latest Model S and Model X have this ‘Single Pull’ Autosteer option, since they do not have gear stalks and require the push of a scroll wheel button to enable the feature. The same goes for the new Model 3 ‘Highland’. It seems Tesla is unifying options across the board to enable Autosteer with a ‘Single Pull’ or press of a button.