SpaceX Prepares for Second Starship Flight Test in Mid-November

starship second flight test

SpaceX is gearing up for the second flight test of its fully integrated Starship, with a potential launch date set for mid-November, subject to regulatory clearance. The news comes after a safety review of Starship was completed by the FAA.

The company has announced that a live webcast will cover the flight test, commencing approximately 30 minutes prior to liftoff. Viewers can tune in to the webcast on the provided link and also on SpaceX’s official X account. However, as with all developmental tests, the schedule remains fluid and may undergo changes. For real-time updates, SpaceX advises followers to monitor their X account.

It’s worth noting that SpaceX sadly no longer uploads its live streams to YouTube.

The maiden flight test of the Starship yielded valuable insights, leading to multiple enhancements in both the spacecraft and the ground infrastructure. These modifications aim to bolster the success rate of upcoming flights.

Notably, the upcoming second flight test will introduce a hot-stage separation system and a revamped electronic Thrust Vector Control (TVC) system tailored for the Super Heavy Raptor engines. Other upgrades include strengthening the pad foundation, introducing a water-cooled steel flame deflector, and several other advancements.

SpaceX’s approach of swift iterative development has been instrumental in achieving its groundbreaking innovations, as seen with the Falcon, Dragon, and Starlink projects. This continuous improvement philosophy is pivotal as SpaceX endeavors to create a fully reusable transportation mechanism. This system is envisioned to transport both crew and cargo to Earth’s orbit, facilitate human missions back to the Moon, and eventually embark on journeys to Mars and beyond, says the company.

Recently, SpaceX criticized the FAA, urging the government agency to double its staff, as the lack of employees has apparently resulted in slow Starship reviews.