Tesla Updates Model Y from Giga Shanghai with Ambient Lighting and More

new model y giga shanghai

Tesla has rolled out updates to its Model Y produced at the Giga Shanghai facility. The updated vehicle maintains its 15-inch screen, in contrast to the 15.4-inch screen featured in the Highland Model 3.

The Model Y is offered at the same price point as its predecessor but now includes ambient lighting, similar to the new Model 3. The Model Y 0-100 km/h time is now faster at 5.9 seconds (it was 6.9 seconds before!) for the RWD version and the vehicle now has allegedly has Hardware 4.0 (HW4). But new info says HW3 remains:


The interior has also seen changes, with a new dashboard design that omits the previous faux wood trim. However, the updated Model Y does not include ventilated seats, a feature present in the new Model 3. The exterior retains the “T” logo on the trunk lid, unlike the new Model 3, which spells out “TESLA.”

Other features such as steering wheel stalks, taillights, and headlights remain unchanged. The 19-inch Gemini wheels have been updated to include black covers instead of the previous silver, a change that has been described as aesthetically superior.

The updates signify Tesla’s ongoing efforts to align the features of the Model Y with those of the latest Model 3, while also differentiating the two models in specific aspects.

These changes come as Tesla’s third quarter comes to an end, moving towards the crucial fourth quarter where there’s always an end-of-year push to drive up total year sales and production.

No word if and when these updates will trickle down to Fremont and Giga Texas or Giga Berlin, but stay tuned. Giga Shanghai is currently producing the Model 3 and Model Y for export to Canada, so it’s likely we may see these updates make their way outside of China and hit North America.