Tesla’s Optimus Robot Now Sorts and Self-Calibrates [VIDEO]

namaste tesla bot

Less than a year ago, Tesla’s Optimus robot faced criticism for appearing inadequate compared to other popular robotic sensations on the internet. However, a recent update from Tesla has shown significant advancements that may silence the skeptics.

namaste tesla bot

According to the latest update from Tesla on Sunday, its Optimus bot can now autonomously sort objects, a feat made possible by its fully end-to-end trained neural network.

The neural network operates on a “video in, controls out” basis, allowing the robot to self-calibrate its arms and legs. Using only vision and joint position encoders, Optimus can precisely locate its limbs in space, enabling it to learn various tasks more efficiently.

The robot also demonstrated its adaptability to real-world conditions. A video shows a Tesla engineer rearranging colored blocks while Optimus sorts them into separate piles based on color. The robot also showcased its autonomous corrective action capabilities, picking up a fallen Lego Duplo block and repositioning it upright.

Optimus’ advancements in self-calibration and autonomous sorting indicate a significant leap in robotic capabilities, contrasting its earlier criticisms of being inadequate.

The update concluded with Optimus engaging in yoga poses, ending with a “namaste,” signifying not just its technical prowess but also its versatility in tasks beyond sorting.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Optimus “will do the ballet one day.”

Check out the video below from Tesla:

YouTube video