SpaceX Starlink Milestone: 2M+ Customers Across All Continents

In a significant announcement made today by SpaceX, the company said it hit a major milestone in its Starlink project.

Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite-based internet service, is now accessible on all seven continents, spanning over 60 countries and numerous markets. The service has successfully connected over 2 million active customers and continues to expand its reach, providing high-speed internet access to a growing global user base.

SpaceX’s relentless efforts in establishing a global network of low Earth orbit satellites have enabled this achievement, ensuring internet connectivity reaches even the most remote and underserved regions of the world. This achievement not only highlights the company’s technological prowess but also its dedication to bridging the digital divide on a global scale.

There are 4,500 Starlink satellites in low Earth orbit and SpaceX continues to launch more every month. There are no other competitors to Starlink at the moment.