Tesla Cybertruck Production Equipment Spotted at Giga Texas [VIDEO]

A recent video update from Joe Tegtmeyer, the drone pilot who is documenting Tesla’s Giga Texas construction, revealed the presence of five Cybertrucks at the facility on Monday.

“I did see five Cybertrucks today. Two of them are on the outbound lot… there’s also a Model Y next to them,” said Joe Tegtmeyer. The Cybertrucks were strategically located, with two in the outbound lot and three near the crash testing facility. This has led to speculation that Tesla may be gearing up for either production or testing of the highly anticipated electric pickup truck.

The presence of these vehicles at the facility has led to speculation that Tesla is preparing for the production or testing phase of the Cybertruck. Two of the Cybertrucks were located in the outbound lot, while the remaining three were situated near the crash testing facility.

In addition to the Cybertrucks, the video also showcased ongoing construction work at the site. Steel structures are being erected, and Cybertruck production equipment is being installed.

Although specific details about the equipment were not disclosed, its presence indicates that Tesla is making preparations for the manufacturing of the electric pickup truck. This aligns with the company’s previous announcements about the Cybertruck’s production timeline.

Another noteworthy point from the video was the current pause in Tesla’s production at the site. According to Tegtmeyer, production appears to be on hold and is expected to remain so for another week to 10 days. “It looks like production’s paused again today, and I would expect to see that for another week to 10 days based on what I’m hearing and what I’m seeing,” he stated.

The video also suggests that the Cybertrucks may be used for crash testing in the near future, although this has not been confirmed. We’ve already seen pictures of crashed Cybertrucks in the wild.

Check out the full video below from Tegtmeyer:

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