Polestar 2 Now Has Amazon’s Prime Video App

Polestar 2, the first vehicle to feature Google’s Android Automotive OS since its 2019 launch, has added Amazon’s Prime Video to its infotainment offerings.

The streaming service will be accessible while the car is parked or charging. This addition follows the integration of YouTube, which became available in Polestar 2 in June 2023.

Since its inception, Polestar and its associated suppliers have consistently rolled out applications to enhance the vehicle’s user experience. These include navigation app Waze, parking service EasyPark, weather service AccuWeather, and the Performance app specifically designed for dual-motor cars, among others.

Polestar 2 has also offered the Vivaldi web browser since December 2021, enabling access to various entertainment services that may not yet have native in-car applications.

“The successful launch and integration of Android Automotive OS in Polestar 2 has proven that we can leverage the best navigation and voice control in the business to make life with a Polestar easier. The Google Play Store has also gained a rich variety of apps that offer interactivity and entertainment, from playing games to streaming series,” said Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, in a statement to Tesla North.

The collaboration with Google on the Android Automotive OS has set the groundwork for future Polestar models. Upcoming vehicles like Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 will feature evolved interfaces with larger screens and increased capabilities. Apps developed for Polestar 2 are also planned for integration into these future models.

Tesla’s entertainment suite needs Prime Video and also Apple TV+. Let’s hope an expansion comes soon.