Starlink Experiences Brief Network Outage, Issue Resolved

SpaceX’s Starlink, the satellite constellation internet service from Elon Musk, experienced a brief network outage that lasted for over an hour on Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

The company took to its official Twitter account at 5:33 PM PDT to acknowledge the issue, stating, “Starlink is currently in a network outage and we are actively implementing a solution. We appreciate your patience, we’ll share an update once this issue is resolved.”

The outage was fully resolved by 6:39 PM, as confirmed by a subsequent tweet from the company. The one-hour and six-minute disruption in service affected an unspecified number of users, and the company has yet to disclose the cause of the outage or the extent of its impact.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by satellite internet providers in maintaining consistent network availability. But SpaceX engineers work fast and furious and the issue was resolved and acknowledged in a respectable time. Despite the short outage, many customers were very happy to see the service back online.