SpaceX Live Streams No Longer on YouTube

SpaceX live streams on YouTube appear to be a thing of the past, as Elon Musk’s company is now exclusively showing streams on X instead.

Many noticed at the end of August, SpaceX live streams were no longer available on YouTube. The last SpaceX video streamed on YouTube was the August 26 mission for Starlink.

The subsequent launches afterwards have all been streaming exclusively on X. The downside of not showing livestreams on YouTube? It makes it that much harder to watch SpaceX streams on your TV, if the YouTube app is not supported.

It is possible to use Apple’s AirPlay protocol to beam your X streams to your Apple TV or compatible TV with AirPlay support, but the quality is not as good.

Musk seemingly confirmed these exclusive SpaceX livestreams on X. A reply to @TeslaownersSV said “no,” when asked if SpaceX should livestream on YouTube.

For now, being exclusive to X means more users gravitating there to check out SpaceX launches. But you do lack the cross-platform easiness factor of YouTube. There is no X app to support all smart televisions yet. So far, SpaceX is still awaiting permission from the FAA to launch Starship for its second flight. Lately, Musk has been teasing images of Starship as it looks ready to fly again.