Tesla Slashes Existing Model 3 Prices Ahead of Rumored Refresh

model 3 existing inventory

Tesla has cut prices of its existing inventory of the Model 3 in Canada and the USA.

The Model 3 RWD is showing a discount of $3,300 off down to $37,940 in the USA before federal tax credits.

Meanwhile, existing Model 3 RWD inventory has been cut by $5,500 in Canada, starting at $37,940 CAD. The Long Range in Canada is being cut by $6,500 to $58,490 CAD. These vehicles are being made at Giga Shanghai in China.

Earlier this week, the existing inventory discounts in Canada were showing $4,950 CAD off, but now this has increased by $550 CAD. The Model 3 RWD also qualifies for a $5,000 federal rebate, plus an extra $650 off if ordering through a referral, to go with provincial rebates ($3,000 in BC and $7,000 in Quebec for example).

model 3 canada

This takes the Model 3 RWD in Canada from existing inventory down from $49,490, down to $36,840 CAD after federal and provincial rebates and a referral. That’s a pretty darn good price and makes even more sense with rising gas prices. It’s also cheaper than a Toyota Corolla Hybrid.

Will we see the launch of the ‘Highland’ Model 3 tomorrow? Let’s wait and find out, folks.

Rumours claim Tesla’s Model 3 refresh will be priced from 199,800 CNY, or about $25,527 USD, which is a significant discount from the existing price of $40,240 USD in the USA.