Tesla Model Y Police Car by UPfit: What You Need to Know

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Unplugged Performance, the electric vehicle (EV) upfitting pioneer, is making waves in the law enforcement industry by launching a new division, “UPfit,” with the unveiling of the inaugural Tesla Model Y Police vehicle. The company has the contract to upfit a fleet of Tesla vehicles for South Pasadena Police.

This marks a significant step towards the future of law enforcement vehicles, demonstrating UPfit’s groundbreaking efforts to usher police fleets into the electric vehicle era. We saw some pictures of the UPfit Model Y at Tesla Takeover, but the details were officially announced this week.

The UPfit patrol vehicle symbolizes a futuristic transformation in law enforcement mobility, highlighting UPfit’s innovative role in enhancing the automotive industry with electric vehicle solutions. The new Public Safety platform complements a series of other high-performance vehicles that Unplugged Performance has creatively designed for specific use-cases.

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With the changing needs of law enforcement, public safety, military, and corporate fleets, EVs emerge as an optimal solution offering taxpayer savings, cleaner air, minimal maintenance downtime, and high on-the-job performance.

Traditional gasoline police vehicles consume significant fuel during idling; a 2018 Ford Police Interceptor, for instance, burns 1633 gallons of fuel per year on average. In contrast, a 2022 Ford Interceptor Hybrid uses 730 gallons yearly, while EVs need zero gallons of fuel for the same purpose.

EVs allow continuous operation of electronics and readiness to respond instantly. This efficient solution not only supports community safety and compliance planning but also enjoys broad community endorsement.

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Unplugged Performance’s UPfit Tesla exhibits unique complexities compared to traditional upfitting. With a distinguished 10-year track record within Tesla’s ecosystem, Unplugged Performance’s UPfit offers a comprehensive solution for specialized vehicle upfitting. The meticulous process includes considerations for safety, lighting, charging, technology, and more, tailored to the Tesla vehicle infrastructure.

UPfit’s emphasis on reliability is achieved through extensive research, development, and stringent validation testing in extreme conditions, both in elevation and temperature.

CEO of Unplugged Performance, Ben Schaffer, expressed confidence in UPfit, stating, “The most capable, safest, most comfortable environment for an officer is inside a properly equipped Tesla police car. We’re excited to introduce our UPfit division for Tesla Police Vehicles and are confident we represent the best choice for taxpayers and police officers alike.”

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As an industry leader in high-volume EV production, Tesla presents a validated, safe platform choice. Tesla’s EVs have surpassed the theoretical stage, showing clear advantages in cost of ownership, performance, infrastructure solutions, and availability, while competitors face waiting periods of up to 2 years. Tesla’s proprietary charge-port adoption as the new North American Charging Standard (NACS) further solidifies its position at the forefront of the industry.

James Hedland, Director of Fleet at Unplugged Performance, praised Tesla’s engineering, stating that they are “proud to deliver law enforcement solutions that are not just cutting-edge but also reliable and sustainable, empowering officers to serve their communities with confidence.”

The price of the UPfit package for the Model Y is listed at $41,500 USD per car. Below is the available equipment and included upfitting services:

  • Armoring Packages: UPfit offers armoring packages with ratings up to NIJ III+, ensuring maximum protection for officers in the line of duty.
  • Climate Adaptations: Offroad and winter climate packages are available, providing suitable adaptations for various environmental conditions.
  • Tools and Storage: Air compressors, power tools, and cargo storage systems enable efficient operation, while decals and graphic wraps add customization. Fire extinguishers, ladder racks, push bars, and grille guards enhance safety and functionality.
  • Interior Customizations: Molded seats, prisoner cells and partitions, running boards, seat covers, and high-durability materials contribute to the vehicle’s interior ergonomics and comfort.
  • Performance Upgrades: Aerodynamics, high-performance braking and suspension systems (Pursuit Package), and custom lighting solutions are provided to enhance the vehicle’s overall performance.
  • Equipment Management: Firearm and equipment racks, sirens, airhorns, PA systems, GPS, and radio systems are included to facilitate communication and equipment handling.
  • Specialty Additions: Fifth wheel mounts, K9 containment and safety, tool boxes, custom interior and exterior solutions, computers, and accessories bring added customization to meet specific requirements.
  • Emergency Features: Custom emergency lighting ensures visibility and presence during critical operations.
  • Protective Details: Floor liners and protectors, as well as mud flaps and custom partitions, provide additional protective measures, maintaining the vehicle’s condition and functionality.

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These comprehensive offerings highlight UPfit’s commitment to delivering a complete and customized solution for law enforcement vehicles, integrating innovation and practicality to meet the evolving demands of modern policing.

The debut of the Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle also signals the beginning of a new era for South Pasadena, as it becomes the first U.S. city to replace its entire police fleet with EVs. This innovative move showcases Unplugged Performance’s commitment to reshaping the landscape of law enforcement and public safety, marking a milestone in the advancement of sustainable technology within the automotive industry.