Cadillac Celestiq EV Pricing Starts From Just $340,000 USD

cadillac celestiq pricing

General Motors Co. (GM) officially introduced the world to the Celestiq, a new high-end electric vehicle with a deep connection to women in the industry. The event marked a significant shift in an industry historically dominated by men, touted the company.

With a whopping $340,000 USD starting price for the electric hatchback, it will serve as Cadillac’s flagship vehicle, was designed with women at the forefront. It promises next-generation technologies, including hands-free driver assistance, a 55-inch digital dashboard, and smart glass in the roof that can be tinted at a touch. We first heard of the Celestiq last fall.

Now, that starting price is before you start customizing the car–and also before dealer markups. What could final prices be? Sounds like this EV could top $400,000 USD, which is pretty insane.

GM’s choice to name its luxury car customization shop in Warren, Michigan, after Suzanne Vanderbilt—a pioneering designer who shaped Cadillacs in the 1950s—holds symbolic value. The shop is built for work on the Celestiq, a car symbolizing empowerment and innovation for women in the industry.

With design elements aimed at rivaling iconic brands like Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the Celestiq offers hand-built elements and a customizable cabin. It is set to raise Cadillac’s prestige and is scheduled for deliveries beginning in spring 2024.

A team of talented women, including Magalie Debellis (lead exterior designer), Erin Crossley (design director), Laetitia Lopez (lead designer of colors, materials, and finishes), Alexandra Dymowska (senior designer for Cadillac brand experience), and Candice Willett (lighting designer), has played an essential role in shaping the Celestiq.

The vehicle’s design reflects the changing times within the automotive industry. As Debellis states, the team’s “maverick personality” fits the spirit of where Cadillac wants the brand to be, reports Bloomberg.

The Celestiq also represents a shift from Detroit’s problematic history of marketing cars to women. In contrast to the patronizing approaches of the past, this venture highlights female creativity, innovation, and leadership in automobile design.

General Motors has been a leader in fostering a more inclusive environment within the industry it says. Mary Barra, appointed as GM’s CEO in 2014, is credited with changing the corporate culture and introducing a tone of inclusion. Her influence reaches the board level, where six of the 13 seats are held by women, creating an environment that fosters diversity and attracts talent.

Part of Barra’s plan involves moving Cadillac upscale and selling more electric vehicles (EVs). This commitment is evidenced by the $81 million investment in June 2022 to prepare the Global Technical Center campus for Celestiq production.

Despite previous struggles with EV production, such as delays with the Lyriq electric SUV, the company’s commitment to the Celestiq signifies its aspiration to redefine luxury in the automotive world.

The new Vanderbilt shop’s 30,000-square-foot space will allow clients to personalize the Celestiq, selecting wood grain, materials, and metal accents to make the car uniquely theirs.

In an industry where women represent only a quarter of jobs and less than 17% in executive-level roles, the Celestiq represents a moment of change and opportunity. The car also represents a massive starting price for an EV as well, from just $340,000 USD. Is the Celestiq being marketed as the next must-have accessory for women with deep pockets too?