Ukraine Thanks Elon Musk for Donating 500+ Tesla Powerwalls

thank you elon musk

In a momentous push against energy disruption caused by continued Russian missile strikes, Ukraine’s energy capacity has received a substantial boost through the delivery of hundreds of Tesla Powerwall 2 storage systems.

The energy storage units were provided by an international collaboration including Tesla, SpaceX founder Elon Musk, the government of Poland, Direct Relief, and several other partners.

The fleet of 508 Tesla Powerwalls, which are powerful rechargeable battery systems, will deliver critical power backup to schools, hospitals, and kindergartens across Ukraine, as highlighted by the country’s Digital Transformation Minister, Mykhailo Fedorov. In a heartfelt video message, Fedorov expressed gratitude to all the contributors of the project, emphasizing the life-saving importance of these power banks in the country’s time of need.

Tesla’s Powerwall 2, a 13.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, can provide power during peak times, blackouts, and nocturnal hours. It can draw energy from solar power or recharge from the grid during off-peak hours, and up to ten units can be stacked to enhance capacity. Although the shipment did not include solar power support systems, the units’ ability to operate on grid power ensures their immediate utility.

Furthermore, each Powerwall 2 unit is complemented by a Backup Gateway 2 system, which facilitates energy management, monitoring, and a seamless transition to backup power in the event of grid outages. This setup will be crucial as Ukraine braces for the upcoming winter, following last year’s disruption of essential services due to Russian strikes.

According to an April report from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and World Bank, these attacks have so far resulted in over $10 billion in damages and left more than 12 million people without reliable electricity, apart from disrupting water supply and heating systems.

Given the retail market price of each Tesla Powerwall and Gateway set — approximately $16,000 in the U.S. — the provision of these units also relieves financial pressures on Ukrainian authorities striving to maintain the nation’s critical infrastructure. That’s an $8.12 million donation from Tesla to Ukraine in Powerwalls and Gateway sets alone.

The successful shipment of the systems is the result of a complex multi-partner agreement process that began in October last year after the first attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, as detailed by Deputy Digital Transformation Minister Yegor Dubynskyi. He underlined the urgent need for these Powerwalls to help maintain essential services during the Russian attacks.

The deployment of these systems follows the delivery of 50 Tesla Powerwalls last year to clinics and other infrastructure in frontline towns severely impacted by Russia’s full-scale invasion on February 24. The towns included Irpin and Borodyanka in the Bucha district west of Kyiv, which were freed from a four-week occupation by Russian troops advancing on the capital.

Ukraine already has over 40,000 Starlinks, according to Fedorov.

“500+ Tesla Powerwalls to keep resilience of Ukraine’s medical, social & energy infrastructure. Let me remind you that we have already received 40K+ Starlinks. Thanks @elonmusk for such crucial equipment for [Ukraine],” said Fedorov.

“You are most welcome,” said Musk in response on Monday morning.