Tesla to Allow FSD Transfers in Q3–But Only Once

fsd beta cumulative miles

Tesla today announced a record Q2 earnings report, exceeding Wall Street expectations with $24.9 billion in total revenue, and earning $2.7 billion net income.

During the Q2 earnings call, Tesla revealed it has listened to customer requests and will allow the one-time transfer of Full Self-Driving—but only in Q3.

Tesla executive Martin Viecha read out the question, “have you considered allowing FSD transferability as a lever to allow existing customers to upgrade to a new Tesla instead of being locked into an existing car due to the price of FSD?”.

CEO Elon Musk answered, “Yes. This is a question we get asked a lot. So, we’re excited to announce that for Q3, we will be allowing the transfer of FSD. This is a one-time amnesty.”

“So, it needs to be — you need to take advantage of it in Q3, but — or at least place the order in Q3 within reasonable delivery time frames. So yes, I hope this makes people happy. This is a one-time thing,” said Musk.

Customers who have paid tens of thousands of dollars for FSD beta have been hesitant to upgrade to new vehicles, as FSD was not transferable to new cars. But now that will change for just the third quarter. Many loyal Tesla fans waiting to upgrade vehicles will likely jump on the opportunity to not have to pay for FSD beta again.

Tesla announced today the cumulative miles driven with FSD beta has surpassed 300 million miles as of the end of the second quarter.

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