Porsche Taycan Over-the-Air Software Updates are Here

Porsche has started rolling out free Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates to Taycan EV owners. These updates, now accessible, are custom-designed for specific vehicles, with future updates also in the pipeline.

Porsche aims to provide owners with the convenience of installing the latest software without the need to visit a Porsche Center, according to the email shared by Jennifer Franco. Centers are still equipped and willing to provide the update service free of charge, however.

Owners can install these updates online or through the Porsche smartphone app. However, they must complete their registration in My In-Car. Other prerequisites include deactivating Privacy Mode, signing in as the main user in the vehicle, and ensuring the vehicle has an active data connection. Once these conditions are met, the update will automatically download in the background when the vehicle is turned on.

In order to install the free software update, the vehicle must be parked and powered off (in the Taycan this is done by pressing the ‘Power’ button). Additionally, all doors, windows, sunroof, and the trunk must be fully closed. For the update to commence, the vehicle must be locked. Notably, if the vehicle is a Taycan or Plug-In Hybrid, it should not be plugged in to charge at any point during the update.

Tesla’s software updates can be installed remotely via the company’s smartphone app and only requires a Wi-Fi signal to download the software and install it while parked.

If owners are not receiving notifications to install the OTA Updates despite meeting all the prerequisites, they are advised to contact Porsche Customer Service or their local dealer for troubleshooting assistance. They should mention “OTA” or “Over The Air Update” during the call for proper guidance. If owners are unable to perform the update themselves, the local Porsche Center can undertake the update free of charge.

In the event of an update failure, owners are encouraged to schedule a visit to their local Porsche Center to have the update installed at no cost, says the email.

For lessors and registered owners who are not the primary operators of the vehicle, Porsche requests that this email be forwarded to the lessee within 10 days of receipt.

Tesla pioneered OTA software updates and other auto companies are still learning the ropes. Nice to see Taycan owners getting a taste of software updates without needing to visit a dealership.

Here’s a video from Porsche explaining the process:

YouTube video