Tesla App Launches ‘Charge on Solar’ in Canada, U.S.

Tesla charge solar

Tesla has introduced a new feature, “Charge on Solar,” that allows Tesla vehicles to charge using surplus energy produced by Tesla’s solar system. This functionality aims to increase the value of a home’s solar system by harnessing excess energy to power electric vehicles.

To utilize the feature, a minimum set of hardware and software requirements must be met. Eligible vehicles include Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y with software version 2023.26 or higher. A Powerwall with solar on site (software version 23.12.10 or higher) and the Tesla app (version 4.22.5 or higher) are also required.

Notably, Model S (2012-2020) and Model X (2015-2020) are not compatible with this feature.

Setting up Charge on Solar is straightforward. Users simply need to open the Tesla app, select their vehicle, and tap ‘Charge on Solar.’ Following the prompts allows users to set their charge limit and a charge location. Every time the vehicle is charged at this location, the Charge on Solar feature will automatically use excess solar energy to charge the vehicle.

Additionally, a sun slider within the Tesla app allows the vehicle to charge from any energy source, providing users with confidence that their vehicle will have the required range for their daily driving needs, even when there is not enough surplus solar energy.

Users can adjust their charge limits either through the Tesla app or from their vehicle’s touchscreen when the vehicle is at the Charge on Solar charging location. The vehicle will charge from both solar and the grid if the current charge level is below the left sun slider. Once the charge level passes the sun slider, the vehicle will only charge on excess solar up to the set charge limit.

Tesla advises users to plug in their vehicles during daylight hours when at home to maximize solar charging. The Charge on Solar sun slider should be set at a level that ensures sufficient range for daily driving if there is not enough surplus solar to charge above this limit.

Scheduled Charging, another feature of the Tesla app, allows users to charge their vehicle’s battery with excess solar until a specific time. After this time, the vehicle will accept charging from any source up to the lower charging limit.

In conjunction with Charge on Solar, various Powerwall modes can be used to manage vehicle charging. These include Storm Watch, Backup Reserve, Self-Powered, Time-Based Control, and Go Off-Grid. These modes help prioritize charging, prepare for outages, manage energy costs, and maximize overall solar operation efficiency.

Charge on solar charge solar setting vehicle

In summary, the Charge on Solar functionality is currently limited to Tesla vehicle and Powerwall owners in the U.S. and Canada, with no solar export constraints.

To use the feature, both the vehicle and Powerwall must have a reliable internet connection. Charging begins when there’s at least 1.2kW of stable excess solar, optimizing efficiency.

The feature allows sequential charging for multiple Tesla vehicles at the same location. For immediate, full-power charging, raise the lower Charge limit. Users can access the settings through the Tesla app or the vehicle’s touchscreen when located at the Charge on Solar site. Harnessing the power of the sun to charge your Tesla is truly a game-changing experience.