Tesla Megapacks to Power Eneco’s Largest Battery Project

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Renowned sustainable energy producer, Eneco, today revealed its commitment to a substantial battery initiative in Wallonia, Belgium, signifying a step forward in balancing power consumption. The company is on track to operationalize a 50MW (200 MWh) battery power plant by the end of 2024, with the permit secured, battery ordered, and preliminary studies underway (via @Tslachan).

The battery plant, located in Ville-sur-Haine, Wallonia, is termed a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and will consist of 53 battery units each having a 50 MW energy capacity and 200 MWh storage capacity. The project, in partnership with Tesla, promises a power supply to the grid lasting up to 4 hours. This venture ensures a flexible power storage system to maintain balance in the power grid as variable sources such as wind and solar become increasingly prevalent.

Collaborating with Elia, the project will optimize the efficiency of fluctuating solar and wind energy volumes. “We are intensifying our sustainable energy pursuits to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Energy storage is pivotal to accommodate the variations in sustainable energy, and this project is a major stride toward a CO2-neutral energy system,” commented Tine Deheegher, Manager of Renewable Energy Solutions at Eneco.

This initiative underscores Eneco’s hefty investment in Belgium’s energy transition. As the country’s largest green energy player, Eneco’s portfolio includes 128 onshore wind turbines, participation in the two largest offshore wind farms, and nearly 400,000 solar panels. The company’s emphasis on battery storage also guarantees a future-proof, reliable, and affordable energy system.

With its One Planet Plan launched in June 2021, Eneco has set a climate-neutral target by 2035, demonstrating its ambitious goals in the transition toward sustainable energy. Battery power stations play a crucial role in maintaining the balance in electricity supply and demand. “Flexibility is vital in the energy system of the future,” noted Deheegher.

She added that the project would connect to Elia’s high-voltage grid (150 kV) due to encouraging tariff policies. Deheegher urges the government to stimulate investments at lower voltage levels for optimal grid operation. “Eneco, and by extension the entire market, is prepared to make the requisite investments.”

Eneco aims to expand its battery power stations further, seeing them as key elements in the system for sustainable flexibility. “This project is just the beginning. We plan to increase our storage capacity in Belgium and other countries. Expect several hundred more MWs in the coming years,” concluded Deheegher.

Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten stated, “The energy transition is in full swing. Battery parks are an essential link in the energy grid of the future. Thanks to the attractive Belgian investment policy, the largest battery parks in Europe are being built in Belgium. Eneco is once again proving itself as a front-runner and partner in the energy transition toward 100% renewable energy.”