Starlink Achieves Altitude and Speed Record in Starship Test Flight

Starship starlink

In a groundbreaking achievement, Starlink, the satellite internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX, has set a new altitude and speed record during the maiden flight test of Starship. Providing unprecedented connectivity, Starlink functioned at an altitude of more than 123,600 feet and managed to sustain the connection while traveling at a speed of Mach 1.7.

This momentous feat of in-flight connectivity, captured during the first flight test of SpaceX’s Starship, signifies a major advancement in the field. The successful demonstration at these extreme conditions underscores the potential for Starlink to deliver reliable, high-speed internet in challenging environments and paves the way for its deployment in a broader range of scenarios.

“Starlink set an altitude and speed record for use in-flight during Starship’s first flight test, providing connectivity at 123,600+ feet and while traveling at Mach 1.7!” said the Starlink Twitter account on Friday.

The record-setting altitude and speed surpass previous benchmarks for in-flight connectivity, positioning Starlink at the forefront of innovative satellite communication technologies. This accomplishment is a significant stride towards achieving SpaceX’s mission of providing internet connectivity worldwide, including in remote locations where internet access has traditionally been limited.

Starlink’s outstanding performance during Starship’s inaugural flight test represents an exciting leap forward, reaffirming SpaceX’s commitment to pioneering advancements in space technology and global internet coverage.

The first Starship test flight took place in April and while the rocket didn’t separate from its booster, with SpaceX detonating the entire spaceship system, the company gained valuable insight to apply to its next test.