Pentagon to Buy SpaceX Starlink Terminals for Ukraine

The United States Department of Defense is acquiring Starlink satellite communications equipment and services from SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space venture, to bolster the Ukraine military’s communication infrastructure. The Pentagon made this announcement recently, amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, reports Bloomberg.

This purchase comes as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, a program aimed at addressing the long-term security requirements of Ukraine. While the Defense Department acknowledged in December that satellite communication resources would be extended to Ukraine, it had not confirmed that the contract would go to SpaceX’s Starlink.

The Pentagon, in its statement, expressed its commitment to ensuring that Ukraine maintains robust and resilient satellite communication capabilities. It emphasized the importance of satellite communications as a vital component of Ukraine’s overall network infrastructure. Furthermore, it was confirmed that the Department has entered into a contract with Starlink for services of this nature.

Nevertheless, due to the operational security concerns and the critical nature of these systems, the Department is refraining from sharing further specifics about the capabilities, contracts, or partnering entities at this juncture.

Starlink’s portable terminals have been commended by U.S. military officials for their significant role in maintaining connectivity among Ukraine’s civilian population and ensuring crucial communication channels for the country’s military since Russia’s invasion.

Back in February, Ukraine officials noted there were over 40,000 Starlink terminals in the country, aiding connectivity as the country remains under attack by Russia.