Tesla Referral Program for Cars is Back in Canada, USA; New Cybertruck Raffle

Tesla referral program

Tesla has brought back its referral program in Canada and the U.S., specifically offering credits when someone you refer buys a vehicle from the company.

The revamped program in the U.S. offers credits when you refer a new customer that buys a car, while you can also get loyalty credits for adding to your Tesla collection.

If you refer a Model S or Model X purchase, you can get 3,500 credits. Refer a Model 3 or Model Y and it’s 2,000 credits.

If you buy another Model S or Model X, you can get 6,000 loyalty credits. For Model 3 and Model Y it’s 3,000 credits.

Also new, is a Cybertruck raffle. To enter, it will cost 500 credits. And then you can win a free Cybertruck! How cool is that?

For Canadians, they can refer friends and family and earn credits as well, then redeem them for free Supercharging, Tesla clothing, accessories and software upgrades like acceleration boost, Enhanced Autopilot or even Full Self-Driving. It’s worth noting Tesla customers in B.C. are not eligible for referral program rewards, due to local laws in the province.

“Loot Box is our referral program that helps Tesla owners share their passion for our products and our mission — to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” explains Tesla.

“As an owner, every time you bring a new friend or family member into the Tesla community, you and your friend both earn credits — you earn Referral Credits and your friend earns Buyer Credits. You also earn Loyalty Credits when you purchase additional qualifying Tesla products, as a thank you for being a loyal Tesla owner,” notes the Tesla website.

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