Tesla Model 3 Long Range Back in Canada, Qualifies for Federal Rebate

model 3 long range canada

After bringing back the Model 3 Long Range to the United States, Tesla has brought back the vehicle to Canada as well.

This time around, the starting price of $64,990 CAD makes the Long Range version qualify for the federal iZEV rebate of $5,000 CAD. Extra provincial incentives also apply on top of this rebate, for those applicable. In Quebec, the Model 3 Long Range qualifies for the provincial rebate of $7,000, so coupled with the $5,000 federal rebate it takes the car down to $52,990 CAD. This is going to spur more sales indeed.

Tesla updated its website to say, “All new Model 3 RWD and Long Range AWD vehicle purchases qualify for a federal iZEV incentive. Eligible buyers may claim one iZEV incentive per year, subject to availability. Additional provincial incentives may also be available.”

This Long Range has a range of 534km, top speed of 233km/h and 4.4 seconds for 0-100 km/h. Previously, it had a range of 576km. The drop in range suggests the battery chemistry or battery pack size may have been changed.

Tesla also brought back the Model Y RWD to Canada recently and the range and specs changed on that car as well, with rumors claiming it is coming from Giga Shanghai.

Earlier today, Natural Resources Canada listed the Model 3 Long Range again (via Reddit), so many suspected it would soon reappear on the Tesla website, and it did as expected. As for the name? It mentions “import” so it’s a strong sign these Long Range versions are coming from Giga Shanghai. “2023 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD (Import)”. Another hint? The Long Range is only available with a black interior–white is not available–just like the Model Y RWD.

Alright, who’s ordering a Model 3 Long Range in Canada?