Hands-On with Tesla’s Model S Plaid Track Package at 205 mph (330 kph) [VIDEOS]

model s plaid track package

After launching its Model S Plaid Track Package, Tesla also has lifted the embargo on some hands-on reviews of its newest OEM add-on for its flagship electric sedan.

Tesla invited some YouTube car reviewers out to the Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, Var, near Marseille in France. We get to see testers try out the insane acceleration, with the 200 mph (321 kph) top speed unlocked with the package. Some testers also hit 205 mph (330 kph)!

We get to see shocking reactions of going from 0 to 186 mph (300 kph) in 17 seconds. Check out the videos below:

YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video

The Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package includes larger carbon ceramic brakes for more stopping power, to go with 20-inch Zero-G aluminum forged wheels and track-ready Goodyear tires, coming in June. From the videos above, it looks like the package will turn any Model S Plaid into an even bigger monster on the track (if your wallet can stomach the cost of $15,000 to $20,000 USD).

“Designed for the ultimate track experience, the Model S Plaid Track Package delivers high-speed stability, maximum cornering force and repeatable stopping power during high-performance driving while unlocking a top speed of 200 mph,” explains Tesla’s website.

The company details the “Track Package includes aluminum forged wheels, track-ready tires and brake fluid, new carbon-silicon carbide rotors, and one-piece forged calipers with high-performance pads.”

The included rotors “feature continuous-fiber technology and are constructed in a unique 3D matrix to add strength and manage heat more effectively. For additional durability, a ceramic friction layer covers the entire rotor surface to reduce brake dust, corrosion and wear while also improving pedal feel for daily driving,” adds the electric automaker.