Tesla Now Resets Forward Collision Warning to Medium After Each Drive in 2023.2 [Update]

Forward collision warning tesla

Update: It appears this change to FCW settings has been available since 2023.2 (thanks @TeslaInfoCom) and not 2023.6. Nonetheless, it is still a new change from before. We’ve updated our story below to reflect this.


Since its 2023.2 software update rollout, Tesla has introduced a change to its Forward Collision Warning system, which now automatically resets the warning sensitivity to the default Medium setting at the start of each drive.

The system provides visual, audible, and haptic feedback warnings, which are canceled automatically when the risk of a collision is reduced, such as when the vehicle has decelerated or stopped, or when an object in front of the vehicle has moved out of the driving path.

“Forward Collision Warning automatically resets to Medium at the beginning of each drive,” reads a note in the manual.

forward collision warning medium

If a driver doesn’t take immediate action after receiving a Forward Collision Warning, the Automatic Emergency Braking system (if enabled) may automatically apply the brakes to avoid an imminent collision.

By default, the Forward Collision Warning is turned on, but drivers can turn it off or adjust its sensitivity by navigating to Controls > Autopilot > Forward Collision Warning on the touchscreen. Options include turning the warning Off or selecting Late or Early warnings.

It is crucial to note that the camera(s) and sensors associated with Forward Collision Warning are designed to monitor an area of up to 525 feet (160 meters) in the driving path, and their monitoring capabilities can be affected by road and weather conditions. Drivers must exercise caution while driving. Forward Collision Warning provides visual and audible alerts only; it does not apply the brakes or decelerate the vehicle. Drivers are responsible for taking immediate corrective action upon receiving a warning.

Forward Collision Warning may sometimes issue warnings in situations where the risk of a collision does not exist. Therefore, drivers must stay alert and pay attention to their surroundings. The system operates when driving between approximately 3 mph (5 km/h) and 90 mph (150 km/h) and does not provide a warning when the driver is already applying the brake.

Tesla says its FCW system, “monitors the area in front of it for the presence of an object such as a vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian. If a collision is considered likely unless you take immediate corrective action, Forward Collision Warning is designed to sound a chime and highlight the vehicle in front of you in red on the touchscreen. If this happens, TAKE IMMEDIATE CORRECTIVE ACTION!”, reads the manual for Model S/X and Model 3/Y updated for 2023.6.

If you like early or late warnings for FCW, let it be known you’ll now have to manually make that change for each new drive.