7-Eleven Unveils 7Charge, its Exclusive EV Charging Network

On March 16, 7-Eleven, Inc. unveiled 7Charge, its exclusive EV charging network and app, which aims to provide a convenient and dependable fast-charging experience at select 7-Eleven stores in the United States, with plans to extend to Canada shortly.

With the introduction of 7Charge, the company is set to establish one of North America’s most extensive and compatible EV fast-charging networks among retailers, already operating in Florida, Texas, Colorado, and California.

The 7Charge network will grant EV drivers unparalleled convenience and accessibility, compatible with all EV makes and models supporting CHAdeMO or Combined Charging System (CCS) plug types. The 7Charge app, available on the App Store, Google Play, or through 7-eleven.com/7charge, offers customers a streamlined charging and payment experience.

Joe DePinto, President and CEO of 7-Eleven, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation for over 95 years, catering to customers’ needs and offering convenience. The 7Charge network aims to address the increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure.

By expanding the 7Charge network and continuing to collaborate with third-party fast-charging networks, 7-Eleven aims to grow its network according to consumer needs and provide EV charging access to previously underserved areas.

Upon completion of the network’s expansion, 7-Eleven will possess one of North America’s most extensive and compatible fast-charging networks, catering to communities and customers across its entire range of brands, including Speedway and Stripes stores.

“7Charge is a network of publicly available, EV fast chargers owned and operated by 7-Eleven at our stores. Backed by 100% green electricity, our chargers are located on often-traveled corridors, in well-lit store locations that are staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week by our friendly store personnel,” is how the company explains its new endeavour.

“Paying for charging is easy via the 7Charge app or by credit card at the charger. 7-Eleven makes EV charging convenient. As we deploy 7Charge across North America, we aim to be your #1 choice for convenient EV charging!”, explains 7-Eleven enthusiastically.

Let’s hope EV charging is as easy as it sounds. We know Tesla leads the way for charging convenience with plug-and-play for charging and billing.

You can click here to download 7Charge in the App Store and in Google Play.