Tesla Expands Supercharger Pricing: Now Varies By Hour of Day

Tesla customers noticed the company had indicated it planned on bringing price changes, as noted when visiting Supercharger locations within vehicle touchscreens.

Fast forward to Tuesday, it now appears Tesla has changed Supercharger pricing to now vary by the hour of day, instead of billing per minute by tiers. This has been around for a while now since 2020, but it looks to have reached more Superchargers.

As you can see in the screenshot shared by Luis Carvalho (@luizfl), we see the Deerfield Beach, Florida, Supercharger is now showing prices based on the time of the day.

The prices are showing as follows for price per kWh:

  • 4am to 8am: $0.35 per kWh
  • 8am to 12am: $0.39 per kWh
  • 12am to 4am: $0.14 per kWh

Supercharging prices 2023

Tesla in the past has offered free Supercharging during off-peak hours during busy travel periods and now this seems like a similar move when it comes to charging at Superchargers. Charging at $0.14 per kWh is pretty cheap but you’ll have to do it from midnight. For those camping or sleeping in the car, this is a great way to get juiced up for cheap.

Tesla’s Supercharging website still references pricing by four tiers in areas where billing per minute exists:

Tesla North readers have confirmed in Canada pricing is still based on these tiers.

What Supercharger prices are you seeing right now in your area?