Tesla Branding Iron Hits the Online Store, Quickly Sells Out

tesla branding iron

The Tesla Branding Iron hit the company’s online shop earlier this evening and as of writing, it has sold out already, priced at $70 USD.

“Mark any occasion with the Tesla Branding Iron. Inspired by the Tesla Cyber Rodeo event, this branding iron features a hand-finished food grade stainless steel head with a custom-milled hardwood handle. Ideal for stamping the signature T logo onto food items like burger patties and buns or natural materials like wood and leather goods,” explains the product description.

Tesla includes a heat and stamp warning saying, “this product is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children. Use caution and wear appropriate protective clothing when using this product. Only to be used on food (if you can grill it, you can brand it) and materials capable of withstanding extreme heat.”

tesla branding iron 2

This Tesla Branding Iron has a silver finish, while the one from the Tesla Cyber Rodeo event was gold (and super rare according to some auctions on eBay that ended at over $600 USD).

Were you able to nab a Tesla Branding Iron while it was still available in the online store?