SpaceX Performs First Static Fire of 33 Raptor Engines on Booster 7 [VIDEO]

static fire booster 7

SpaceX today performed its first static fire attempt of 33 Raptor engines on its Starship Booster 7, from Starbase in Boca Chica.

The company announced yesterday it would be attempting a static fire today, and SpaceX did not disappoint.

Here’s a drone view from SpaceX:

Elon Musk said, “one day, Starship will take us to Mars.” He also clarified, “Team turned off 1 engine just before start & 1 stopped itself, so 31 engines fired overall. But still enough engines to reach orbit!” 31 out 33 engines static firing for the first attempt is not bad at all.

Check out the video below from NASASpaceflight for even more views of Booster 7 and its first static fire:

YouTube video

SpaceX looks to have pretty much aced the static fire, with no major damage to the site so far, it appears. The next steps are for SpaceX to obtain a launch license from the FAA to launch into orbit, likely happening next month or so.