Tesla Model S Sets New Record in EV Winter Range Test [VIDEO]

Model s range test norway

Norway publication Motor held the world’s biggest electric vehicle range test in the winter, and Tesla’s Model S set a new record.

The newly-minted @Tesla_Europe Twitter account shared the achievement today, linking to the test.

The Model S Long Range was the only EV to pass the 450 and 500 kilometers (279 to 310 miles) markers, the only one left standing in the tests at a final distance of 530 kilometers (329 miles).

The new record beat the 2021 distance, set by Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range when it stopped at 521 kilometers.

What makes the Model S range test more impressive is the vehicle had a technical problem, where it could only be charged to 98%.

Motor says the Model S the record was set on a day when nearly all the other EVs ran out of juice earlier than expected. Winter conditions such as those in Norway can impact a electric vehicle’s range drastically, but it’s clear Tesla here has efficiency advantages the others do not.

The tests took place during temperatures of -5 C and -10 C (14 to 23 F), but one area the Model S passed through was apparently as cold as -19 C (-2.2 F).

As for second place? That went to a Model X Plaid that reached a range of 444 kilometers (276 miles).

The Toyota BZ4X 2WD had the worst deviation from its expected range, followed by the Hongqi E-HS9.

Check out the video below:

YouTube video