SpaceX Launches Starlink Internet in Peru

spacex starlink peru

SpaceX announced on Friday it has launched its Starlink satellite internet service in Peru.

“Starlink ahora está disponible en Perú!”, said SpaceX, which translates to “Starlink is now available in Peru.”

SpaceX updated its availability map today, showing Peru now as “available” for Starlink. Peru joins Brazil and Colombia in South America with Starlink Internet access. Other nations such as Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay are listed as “coming soon”.

According to Nathan Owens, SpaceX imported several gateways from Chile over the past year, as part of its debut of Starlink in Peru.

Earlier this week, SpaceX launched 56 more Starlink satellites into lower-Earth orbit, with its Falcon 9 booster setting a new record for the heaviest payload launched to date.