2023 Tesla Model Y Performance Rear Brakes Have Caliper Covers Now, It Seems

Model y performance rear brake caliper cover

Image via ZEVcentric

Tesla appears to have modified the rear brakes on the latest Model Y Performance deliveries, introducing caliper covers.

That’s according to Fremont-based @ZEVcentric, an aftermarket automotive parts company for Tesla vehicles.

“As we took delivery of our 2023 Model Y last month. At some point Tesla decided to put caliper covers on the Performance Y. What does that mean? It’s a smaller caliper and a smaller rotor which is the same on [Long Range]. So now you are just paying for the same brakes just red,” said the company on Saturday evening.

The company shared videos of the rear caliper cover being removed, which you can see below:

ZEVcentric says they first encountered seeing rear caliper covers on the Model Y Performance after seeing a customer’s delivery in September 2022, sharing images of their discovery last fall. They were skeptical until they saw these same caliper covers on their 2023 Model Y Performance delivery.

Tesla’s Model Y Performance advertises upgrades over the Long Range version of the car, including an increased top speed, 21” Überturbine wheels, lowered suspension, aluminum alloy pedals—and also “performance brakes,” all of which come at an increased cost of $4,000 USD.

But in this case, it seems the Model Y Performance has the same rear brakes as the Long Range, but just painted red. The front brakes on all Model Y vehicles are made by Italian maker Brembo, while the rear brakes are from Poland-based Mando.

With regenerative braking, some Tesla and electric vehicle owners used to one-pedal driving may not even touch their brakes at all during drives. But for those taking their Model Y Performance to the track, braking power from smaller calipers and rotors may reduce stopping times. The Model Y Performance recently gained Track Mode from Tesla’s 2022 holiday software update.

The claims of the caliper covers were also corroborated by longtime Tesla owner and enthusiast Zack (@BLKMDL3). “It’s true. They wouldn’t post [fear, uncertainty and doubt] about this and I’ve seen it myself on a [friend’s] new [Model Y Performance]. Tesla made a stupid decision,” said Zack, noting he’s seen this at both delivery and after.

Some noted Berlin-made Model Y Performance deliveries as of September 2022 still have the original rear brakes.

It’s unclear what made Tesla initiate this change. It could be a cost-cutting move or a decision made impacted by the automotive supply chain. Are you seeing rear caliper covers on your latest Model Y Performance?