SpaceX Launches Starlink ‘Flat High-Performance’ Dish for Internet in Moving Vehicles

Starlink rv flat dish

SpaceX announced it is now accepting orders for its new flat high-performance Starlink dish, for its RV customers.

According to SpaceX, this new dish allows RV customers to “enjoy high-speed, low-latency internet while on the move!”, said the company on Tuesday afternoon.

The flat high-performance Starlink dish can be installed so it’s angled to flow better against the wind on the top of an RV. Deliveries are expected in December 2022, while the Standard Starlink shapes within two weeks.

Flat High Performance Starlink (designed for in-motion use) pricing is $2,500 USD, which is more than four-times the cost of the $599 USD Standard dish. Starlink RV costs $135 USD per month for service.

Here’s what the new flat dish looks like below:

starlink flat high performance dish

Flat High Performance is designed for in-motion use and those looking for a permanent installation on their vehicle, says SpaceX. The dish offers better visibility and enhanced GPS capabilities for use with in-motion connectivity.

Included is a Wedge Mount kit to install the dish at an 8 degree angle for water run-off. The dish also has improved weather resistance and has 1.7x better snow melt capability versus the Standard Dish.

For hardcore Starlink RV customers, this high performance flat dish looks to be the one you’ve been waiting for, if you have the cash to buy it.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said this “works on any moving land object.”

SpaceX launched Starlink for RV customers back in May of this year, offering internet coverage on an as-needed basis at any location where active Starlink coverage is available. Waiting for someone to mount this to the roof of their Tesla in 3…2…1…