Tesla Launches 2021+ Model X Mud Flaps, Trunk Liner Set and Frunk Liner

model x mud flaps 2021

Tesla has launched new 2021+ Model X accessories over the past 24 hours, according to the Tesla North product tracker.

model x accessories

Last night, Tesla launched Model X Mud Flaps for the Model X refresh, priced at $40 USD for two front mud flaps, installation hardware included.

On Monday, Tesla also launched a Model X All-Weather Rear Cargo Liner Set for $200 that includes a mat for the rear trunk and rear well, for the 5-seat interior version of the car.

model x 5 seat liner

Also new on Monday is the Model X All-Weather Front Trunk Liner for 2021+ vehicles, for $80 USD. This is the same price as the 2015-2020 version on Tesla’s website.

“Model X All-Weather Front Trunk Liner is made from a thermoplastic elastomer material with a strong rigid core for extreme-duty protection and spatial coverage,” says Tesla.

model x frunk liner 2021

“Unlike traditional floor mats, the Model X All-Weather Front Trunk Liner is comprised of vertical walls that offer maximum protection to the front trunk and easy cleanup. Created with an exclusive pattern by Tesla Design Studio, this liner is custom-made using the latest digital measurements for Model X,” says the automaker.

As of writing, both the all-weather rear cargo liner set and front trunk liners are out of stock, but we expect that to change shortly.