Journie Members: Get Free EV Charging at On the Run Convenience Stores

on the run EV charging

If you’re a Journie rewards member in B.C. or Alberta, Canada, you can get free electric vehicle charging for a limited time at On the Run convenience store locations.

These On the Run EV charging stations are set to be one of the “largest planned ultra-fast charging networks capable of charging most EV models in 20-30 minutes” in B.C., says the company.

On the Run EV charging stations are set to be located on major routes that connect Victoria, Vancouver, the B.C. Interior and Calgary. They are usually located at Chevron gas stations offering food, coffee, upgraded washrooms and more.

These EV chargers only support CCS (max 150 kW) and Chademo (max 100 kW) at On the Run store locations.

For Tesla owners, they will require an adapter such as the latest CCS Combo 1 adapter to take advantage of this free EV charging, that’s only available for a limited time.

These chargers have 24-inch LCD screens and support dual charging. CHAdeMO is located on the left side, while CCS is on the right side.

As of writing, there’s an On the Run EV charger located in Sidney on Vancouver Island in B.C. This location is convenient for B.C. Ferries travellers and those near the Victoria International Airport.

To get free EV charging, all you need to do is download the Journie mobile app for iPhone or Android, sign up and you’ll get free juice. The Journie app shows charger availability, while you can also find this info out on PlugShare and ChargeHub apps.

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On the Run convenience stores are run by Parkland, which operates over 300 store locations across Canada.