SpaceX in Talks with Frontier Airlines for Starlink In-Flight Internet

Frontier Airlines has been in talks with SpaceX about carrying Starlink internet on its flights, according to CEO Barry Biffle in statements to CNBC on Thursday.

While Biffle said he’s more likely to make such a move than in previous years, the addition of Starlink Wi-Fi would be a departure for the airline as it currently doesn’t utilize any in-flight Wi-Fi.

Biffle said that the move to not use in-flight Wi-Fi lets the company be more “green” due to a reduction in weight from not using the hardware necessary for internet.

“The challenge is I don’t want the weight and I don’t want drag,” Biffle said. “I don’t carry business travelers.”

Biffle also added that Frontier has had talks with other providers, but that justifying the cost has been difficult in the past.

“We’re more hopeful now that with Starlink coming in there’s going to be some rationalization of cost and pricing,” Biffle said. “When the price gets cheap enough, I’ll put it on.”

Additionally, Biffle said he doesn’t currently have a timeline for when Starlink could be seen on-board Frontier flights.

The news comes after SpaceX gained approval for Starlink on moving boats, planes and trucks in June. SpaceX also signed the first Starlink deal with an air carrier, signing on with Hawaiian Airlines to provide in-flight Wi-Fi.