SpaceX to Launch Sidus Space Satellites in 2023

Photo: SpaceX

SpaceX has signed a launch agreement with Sidus Space for five satellite launches in 2023, as detailed in a press release shared on Wednesday.

SpaceX will launch Sidus Space’s LizzieSat satellites for its own low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation using diverse orbits. The satellites are to orbit at 28- and negative 98-degree inclinations at altitudes between 300 and 650 km.

The LizzieSat satellites are supposed to fly custom payloads to maximize customer volume per satellite, and for increased control over propulsion maneuvers to avoid collisions.

“We are excited to partner with SpaceX for safe, reliable launch services for multiple LizzieSat satellite deployments into diverse orbits that meet our customer’s needs,” said Sidus Space Founder and CEO Carol Craig. “We look forward to continuing our journey of ‘Bringing Space Down to Earth’ for a variety of customers, industries, and new use cases. Our agreements with SpaceX and other launch partners will allow us to develop a consistent launch cadence for Sidus Space moving forward. Participation in these SpaceX launches will enable Sidus to meet the robust demand for our services.”

SpaceX announced a partnership with T-Mobile for its own LEO Starlink network, set to help provide added cell service in patches lacking in connectivity.