Tesla Shares Summer Driving Tips: ‘Stay Cool This Summer’

Summer driving tips hero model y

Tesla emailed some of its customers today share some summer driving tips, emphasizing vehicle features for travel during this season.

“From Scheduled Departure to Camp Mode, your Tesla is equipped with features to help you travel farther and stay cool this summer,” reads the email sent to a Tesla North Model Y owner in Canada.

“Your Tesla vehicle is designed to maximize comfort and convenience in hot temperatures. Learn how to improve your warm weather driving experience with the following recommendations,” explains Tesla’s summer driving tips page.

Tesla says Climate Control features such as Scheduled Departure, Precondition Using the Tesla App, Keep Climate On, Dog Mode, Camp Mode, Cabin Overheat Protection, Window Venting, Windows Up, ‘Auto’ On, and Ventilated Seats (Model S/X) can be enabled through the car’s touchscreen or mobile app.

As for accessories, Tesla recommends Sunshades, Roof and Hitch Racks and its Tire Repair Kit for your summer road trip. As for tires, it recommends summer or all-season tires on vehicles, plus says to constantly monitor treadwear and pressures.

What are your Tesla summer driving tips? We found with a roof sunshade, it helped keep our cabin cooler. But an aftermarket shade with a reflector did the trick even more than Tesla’s official accessory. A front windshield sunshade also makes a huge difference when waiting at a Supercharger.