Tesla Model S Plaid Hits 216 mph (348 kph) on Airport Runway with Ingenext Mod [VIDEO]

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Canadian company Ingenext, located in Quebec, has just shared an example of its latest chip mod that unleashes an extra top speed in Tesla’s Model S Plaid.

Ingenext on Friday took their Model S Plaid to the Trois-Rivières Airport in Quebec to test their latest mod.

According to Electrek, who was on site to witness the run, the vehicle was stock except for larger brakes from Mountainpass Performance and Michelin Pilot Super Sport high performance tires, along with the Ingenext module that allows it to go faster than what Tesla’s software allows.

The only other modification is the Ingenext module, which allows them to bypass Tesla’s software restrictions.

YouTube video

“André had about 1.2 miles (2 km) in his Tesla Model S Plaid to reach the top speed for starting to decelerate over about 6,000 feet, and it turned out that he needed almost that entire distance even with the higher performance brakes, but the attempt was successful,” reports the site.

Tesla’s Model S Plaid was originally promised to have a top speed of 200 mph (322 kph), but the car so far only has a limited top speed of 163 mph (262 kph), likely for safety issues at this point.

This appears to be a record for the fastest speed anyone has seen a production Tesla has hit (that is until the new Roadster becomes reality?).

This new Ingenext Model S Plaid module will be soon be made available for purchase and also unlock other features of the car, says the company. Note to self—this will likely void your Tesla’s warranty.