Giga Texas Tesla Model Y Shows ’50D’ in Mobile App, Hinting at 50kWh Battery? [Update]



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Spoken Reviews continues to share new videos about its Giga Texas-made Tesla Model Y Standard Range with 4680 battery pack.

The latest video shows a screenshot from the Tesla mobile app, showing “Model Y 50D”, suggesting the battery pack may be at 50 kWh capacity right now.

In the past, Tesla has offered in-app purchases to unlock the full size of the battery pack in the Model S, and for this Model Y with 4680 battery cells, Spoken Reviews believes this might be a possibility. Some Model S 60D vehicles could be software unlocked to access the full 75 kWh pack.

This entry Model Y with 4680 pack has a 279-mile range, and if the battery pack is at 50 kWh that would suggest 5.58 miles/kWh, which is some incredible efficiency.

For now, we’ll have to keep waiting to find out more about the Giga Texas-made Model Y with the 4680 structural battery pack. Earlier today, we saw Spoken Reviews weigh their Model Y at a truck scale, offering a clue at what this latest build comes in at versus Fremont versions.

Update June 9, 2022: An unnamed source tells @WholeMarsBlog the 4680 battery pack may actually be 69 kWh (take this with a grain of salt):

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