Watch: SpaceX is Stacking Starship onto Super Heavy Booster [VIDEO]

Starship tower arms

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has shared photos from Starbase, Texas tonight, of the company’s attempt to have tower arms (“chopsticks”) stack its Starship rocket onto a Super Heavy Booster.

It’s hard to fathom how SpaceX is able to attempt this at night, by lifting the massive Starship onto the even larger Super Heavy Booster. Musk also shared a picture of a monitor showing different camera feeds monitoring the stack at this moment:

Spacex tower stack starship

The whole process happening right now just looks pretty incredible:

The folks at NASASpaceflight are also live-streaming the stacking of Starship onto Super Heavy, which you can see below:

YouTube video

For sale, check out how a full-stacked Starship looks compared to Falcon 9:

SpaceX is set to hold a Starship presentation tomorrow to provide an update on the rocket and likely when its first orbital flight will take place.

Musk continues to share footage of the Starship stacking himself, with the video below taken by one of many drones filming the process: