Tesla Model S with Jet Thrusters vs. Model S Plaid: Drag Race [VIDEO]



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Jet-powered Model S P85D versus Model S Plaid in a drag race on the street? Is this real life?

According to the latest video from AMS Performance, their Model S Plaid takes on Matt from Warped Perception’s Model S P85D, which has three custom-built jet thrusters on the back.

The Model S Plaid is the world’s fastest production car, but it’s beaten by this Model S P85D with jet engines that make for some high-pitched noises as one would expect.

Check out the video below–the jet-powered Tesla Model S beats the Plaid off the line numerous times, but eventually, the Plaid catches up:

Watch Warped Perception’s incredible build of this P85D below–the jet thrusters allowed for a 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds:

Here’s another race with Matt’s Model S taking on a Model S from Rich Rebuilds:

Matt says he worked 42 days total on his Model S with jet thrusters, working everyday. He says he worked four days to build his physical setup and had 180 CAD drawings, to go with custom 3D-printing of every knob for his insane setup.

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