Toronto’s GO Transit Announces Electric Double-Decker Bus Trial



Photo: Metrolinx

As Canada’s major cities embrace electric vehicles (EVs), one transit authority in Toronto is set to debut two new electric buses.

GO Transit has announced pilot programs for two fully-electric double-decker buses, according to the Metrolinx Blog.

The buses, set to deploy in 2022 in the larger Toronto area, feature a total of nine EV batteries each for a total power capacity of 648 kWh and with a three to four-hour charge time.

Metrolinx will begin its first phase of testing the buses this winter using ballasts to weigh down the buses, prior to allowing customers to board them next year.

Being electric, the buses won’t generate any engine noise of their own, so the buses also include ongoing noise generation for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles.

Because of the size of their batteries, the back of the bus features around 10 fewer seats than Toronto’s gas-powered GO Transit buses, though they’ll include more easily accessible storage space.

In addition, the buses will include USB ports at each seat for device charging, as well as a variety of extra safety measures.

Toronto has also signed a contract for the trial of these automated EV shuttles, and the trial has been going on for much of this year.

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